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English-Hindi > soled

soled meaning in Hindi

soled sentence in Hindi
1.Now he's the Optimistic Salon's sole renter.

2.But Grieb was hardly the sole source of Davis'woes.

3.His brother, Harrison, is now the sole chief executive.

4.Barnard also believes price shouldn't be the sole concern.

5.The sole holdout is Hyundai Motor America, a Bates account.

6.Agriculture should not be the sole success story in downsizing government.

7.Then Sony gets to be the sole competitor for six months.

8.Lange said the soles did not match the bloody shoe prints.

9.Soles and heel styles range from platform wedges to streamlined stilettos.

10.Gently pound sole filets, if necessary, to flatten evenly.

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having a sole or soles especially as specified; used in combination; "half-soled"; "rubber-soled"

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