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specialism sentence in Hindi

"specialism" meaning in Hindispecialism in a sentence
  • It was also awarded a second specialism as a Language College.
  • It was awarded a specialism as a Technology College in 1994.
  • Courses are not always available in each of these subject specialisms.
  • Mayflower has specialisms in science and mathematics as well as languages.
  • Rydon has specialisms in Science College and Business and Enterprise College.
  • The school has specialisms in Business and Enterprise and Applied Learning.
  • Hornsey School for Girls was awarded a specialism in Performing Arts.
  • It also has the unusual specialism of Humanities and Global Citizenship.
  • As the 18th century progressed each town developed a different specialism.
  • His specialisms included nonlinear partial differential equations and calculus of variations.
  • The school also has specialisms in Business, Enterprise and Sport.
  • The school also has specialisms in engineering and business and enterprise.
  • A proportion of those hours must relate to their area of specialism.
  • An SEN specialism for special schools was announced in 2004.
  • This has led to its specialism in science and mathematics.
  • The school also gained dual specialisms in Business and Humanities.
  • Southend High School for Girls has a specialism in languages.
  • In 2007, the specialism was changed to Maths and Computing College.
  • It has specialisms in Visual & Performing Arts alongside ICT & Computing.
  • In the US the term for this specialism is bankruptcy.
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