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English-Hindi > spindly

spindly meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'spindli ]  sound:  
spindly sentence in Hindi
1.But it also has a delicacy because of its spindly shape.

2.A young boy finds the present with spindly legs sticking out.

3.She sprints between engagements on a pair of spindly snakeskin heels.

4.Spindly but metal-spined, it was a Trojan pony.

5.The plant erects a spindly stem and bears sparse narrow leaves.

6.And he is worried that his spindly point guard may be exhausted.

7.Also trim to the ground all the very weak and spindly shoots.

8.No longer are barbecues just metallic bowls on spindly legs.

9.One spindly bottle of Porfidio has a glass saguaro inside.

10.It could barely stand on its young, spindly legs.

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long and lean
Synonyms: lank,

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