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English-Hindi > spiracle

spiracle meaning in Hindi

spiracle sentence in Hindi
1.They have fifteen segments and spiracles in each segment for breathing.

2.The whale shark's spiracles are just behind its eyes.

3.Some larger females also develop tubercles around the eyes and spiracles.

4.The spiracles behind its small eyes have raised, smooth rims.

5.Insects breathe through tiny openings called spiracles on the thorax and abdomen.

6.A spiracle is a small hole found behind each eye.

7.Air enters the trachea through spiracles and diffuses into the respiring tissues.

8.These lead to spiracles into which the air is taken.

9.It affects the louse's spiracles, preventing them from closing.

10.They have horizontally oval eyes, small spiracles, and precaudal pits.

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a breathing orifice

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