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English-Hindi > spirotheca

spirotheca meaning in Hindi

spirotheca sentence in Hindi
1.Shell inflated-fusimform; first two or three volutions tightly coiled, outer ones inflacted; spirotheca as in Schwaterina.

2.Walls ( spirotheca ) are composed of an outer tectum and inner alveolar keriotheca and are thin in relation to the size of the test.

3.Tectum is the thin, dark, dense outer layer of the spirotheca, Keriotheca is the thicker, honeycomb-like alveolar, inner layer.

4.Spirotheca as with Schwagerina, moderately thin in the tightly coiled portion and next one or two volutions, becoming thick and more coarsely alveolar in the outer two or three.

5.Fusuninidae and Schwagerinidae, by straight, unfluted or uncorregated, septa and by the presence of " I-beam " like transverse and axial septula that hang from the spirotheca, partially subdividing the chambers.

6.The spirotheca is structured as in " schwagerina "; the first two or three volutions tightly coiled and elongate-fusiform, the outer volutions distinctly inflated-fusiform; septa highly fluted throughout.

7.M . L . Thompson ( 1964 ) gives the following diagnosis : Shell large, fusiform to irregularly cylindrical, planispiral, involute in most, irregularly uncoiled in some; spirotheca thick, composed of tectum and alveolar kariotheca; septa fluted in end zones of primitive genera, fluted completely across shell and to tops of chambers of more advanced genera; tummel singular in most forms, multiple in one genus; axial fillings absent to massive; chomata massive to slight.

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