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spirt sentence in Hindi

"spirt" meaning in Hindispirt in a sentence
  • "He's in good spirts,"
  • We accept the decision in the Olypic spirt of friendship,
  • Where ever the couple went, the evil spirt followed.
  • But the dismissal of the West Indies star lifted the tourists'spirts.
  • But the dismissal of the West Indies star lifted the tourists'spirt.
  • Those Indians are not fond of Spirts Licquer.
  • Lessons of life, the struggle, recovery, ambition and his entrepreneurial spirt.
  • To die meant that a corpse turned into an evil spirt and haunted the living.
  • :No it was not in the spirt of debating, unless you debate badly.
  • He had a good competitive spirt.
  • When he has the spirt and determination to be whatever he's going to be.
  • By Friday afternoon, he seemed to have his color back and to be in high spirts.
  • These two share the spirt of the old MAPAI, a sense of pragmatism by both men.
  • In other areas, such as eastern Greenland, the aurora were the spirts of dead children.
  • As you know, the mind and spirt of the ALS victim become imprisoned in a lifeless body.
  • I think the question now is, how much of his spirt and character do we carry forward?
  • I believe this settlement proves that the San Carlos Apache people still have the spirt of the warrior.
  • The only thing missing from Lewis has been the passion and fighting spirt for which Holyfield is known.
  • Our Christian journey is a journey of conversion, and that involves prayerfulness and openness to the spirt.
  • In the spirt of the amnesty, all the misdeeds would automatically be forgiven, no questions asked.
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