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spit up sentence in Hindi

"spit up" meaning in Hindispit up in a sentence
  • He also had a frequent hacking cough and sometimes spit up blood.
  • "My father used to tell me don't spit up in the air,"
  • Each day, it spits up tons of lava, sulfuric gases and ash.
  • On children : " Try to get one that doesn't spit up.
  • She spit up on me, and I knew she was ours,
  • Santorum practically spits up his Senate bean soup on the subject.
  • Birds including owls, hawks and herons will spit up what they couldn't digest.
  • Kornheiser will make you spit up your cornflakes, he's so good.
  • Quillon talks to Tulwar about his deceptions then spits up blood and passes out.
  • However, the liquid spits up at his face and changes Einstein into an Ood.
  • Musser told Gray that Matthew had spit up and choked.
  • Last year, he spit up blood after a goal-line hit from Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd.
  • And you wonder why I spit up on it.
  • Baseball history knows better than to bet against the Mariners'chance to spit up on themselves.
  • You're gonna be poked, pinched, you'll be wet on, you'll be spit up on ."
  • You spit up a little blood now and then.
  • "We have a saying on the coast : Whatever a lizard swallows, it doesn't spit up,"
  • The other day, he spit up on her sweater, missing the burp rag on her shoulder.
  • Every morning in my house we have to check to see what the cats spit up.
  • He kept his head down except when he turned it to the side to spit up blood.
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