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spiteful sentence in Hindi

"spiteful" meaning in Hindispiteful in a sentence
  • To be spiteful, Fido must have three specific mental abilities.
  • This is a spiteful, retaliatory firing by Ms . Segarra,
  • Or is she just being envious and spiteful, as usual?
  • O'Neal said afterward, abandoning his formerly spiteful stance.
  • A wretched, spiteful, straight-razor totin'woman,
  • Occasionally they may be spiteful, but also genial and passionate.
  • Audacious, yes, and even appealing in a spiteful way.
  • They also noted that the Spix were spiteful to other birds.
  • Prudence turns out to be nasty, spiteful, and dishonest.
  • Abominations are immortal, spiteful, destructive creatures of immense power.
  • It was a spiteful affair with fights erupting at regular intervals.
  • Spade is ideal as a spiteful Laurel to Farley's Hardy.
  • He could be-- and was-- spiteful and cavalier.
  • I'm sure Killer isn't being spiteful.
  • Finally, spiteful interns were out, while spiritual advisers were in.
  • Most professional athletes aren't spiteful, just self-absorbed.
  • Some of the quotes do seem so spiteful as to seem unreal.
  • The supermodel, the egocentric designer or the spiteful PR?
  • It cannot be autocratic, spiteful, unforgiving and uncivil.
  • It's not about being spiteful toward anyone, or anything.
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