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spit upon sentence in Hindi

"spit upon" meaning in Hindispit upon in a sentence
  • LeRette has been cursed at on occasion, even spit upon.
  • Sex : We spit upon the box office receipts . ( He does so ).
  • All the gods in turn spit upon the clay.
  • Darden says he received death threats, was spit upon, and his family, too, was harassed.
  • For those efforts, Hirschbeck was spit upon.
  • "It's been knocked down and spit upon.
  • Shylock-- the Jewish moneylender who modern readers often regard as an offensively written stereotype-- is spit upon and tormented.
  • There was a tight circle around a news editor named Zika Nikolic, who was being shoved and spit upon.
  • When Loukianos yelled, " I spit upon the Christian God, " Rais objected, stepped up and spat in the tyrant's face.
  • Johnson argued with home plate umpire John Hirschbeck, the same umpire who was spit upon by Baltimore's Roberto Alomar last year.
  • One mob chased and attacked a police spokesman, who escaped after sprinting for a block while being punched and spit upon.
  • Flegel described being knocked unconscious in an inmate melee, being spit upon by inmates and being hit with excrement hurled at him by prisoners.
  • Shylock is treated that way as well; he is spit upon and called a dog by the very man who comes to borrow his money.
  • Konstantin was particularly scornful of the numerous aristocratic protests against his plan, commenting once that they were not even worthy for him to spit upon.
  • Some officers also say people simply aren't as willing to donate their time to get spit upon, sworn at, slugged and maybe even shot at.
  • On August 2, Molina was ejected from a game against the umpire Rob Drake in the chest multiple times and appeared to spit upon him.
  • "We've had people drive by our picket lines throwing bottles, we've been spit upon and sworn at, but we held our own, " he said.
  • The game's version does not include the line " " And spit upon the name Oliver Cromwell / And denounce this royal line that still salutes him.
  • While three of the accused admitted to having been asked by their receptors during their initiation to denounce the Cross and spit upon the crucifix, their stories are inconsistent.
  • It is ignored _ indeed, it is spit upon _ by the New Black Panther Party, whose " new " recipe for justice in the social churn is to add guns.
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