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English-Hindi > spring

spring meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ spriŋ ]  sound:  
verb past tense: sprang   verb past participle: sprung   noun plural: springs   verb present participle: springing   
spring sentence in Hindi
1.The camels are generally clipped in the spring season .
ऊंटों से प्राय : वसन्त ऋतु में बाल उतारे जाते हैं .

2.There was a lot of early spring mud ;
शुरू बसन्त के दिन थे और चारों तरफ़ दलदल ही दिखाई देती थी ।

3.Use spring model for wobbly window effect
वूबली विंडो प्रभाव के लिए स्प्रिंग मॉडल का प्रयोग करें

4.Spring twilight had gathered over the city .
वसन्त का झीना अँधेरा समूचे शहर पर घिर आया था ।

5.There are typical types of individuals that spring to mind.
तो कुछ खास तरह के लोग दिमाग में आते हैं।

6.Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves.
स्वयं पर मूक विजय से ही वास्तविक महानता का उदय होता है.

7.For me , it was like a spring of fresh water in the desert .
वह मेरे लिए वैसी ही थी , जैसे मरुभूमि में कोई जलाशय हो ।

8.The spinning wheel was replaced by a springing tiger .
चर्खे के स्थान पर झपटता हुआ शेर रखा गया .

9.He sprang towards her and caught her by the shoulders with grim force .
उसने अचानक लपककर उसके कन्घे पकड़ लिये - बहुत कसकर ।

10.Help with the mass persuasion campaign that will start this spring.
वसंत में शुरू होने वाले जन अनुनय अभियान में मदद करें.

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a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards
Synonyms: leap, leaping, saltation, bound, bounce,

a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed; "the spring was broken"

the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
Synonyms: give, springiness,

a point at which water issues forth

a natural flow of ground water
Synonyms: fountain, outflow, outpouring, natural spring,

the season of growth; "the emerging buds were a sure sign of spring"; "he will hold office until the spring of next year"
Synonyms: springtime,

develop suddenly; "The tire sprang a leak"

produce or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly; "He sprang these news on me just as I was leaving"

spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
Synonyms: bounce, resile, take a hop, bound, rebound, recoil, reverberate, ricochet,

move forward by leaps and bounds; "The horse bounded across the meadow"; "The child leapt across the puddle"; "Can you jump over the fence?"
Synonyms: jump, leap, bound,

develop into a distinctive entity; "our plans began to take shape"
Synonyms: form, take form, take shape,

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