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English-Hindi > springier

springier meaning in Hindi

springier sentence in Hindi
1.Some people, though, have begun experimenting with springier blades.

2.Because latex is rubber, it is also much springier.

3.Some people, though, have begun experimenting with springier, lighter blades.

4.USC was quicker and springier today,

5.Niman had its share of fans, who said it tasted richer and had a beefier flavor profile and had a springier texture.

6.Longer, heavier and springier reeds produce deeper, lower sounds; shorter, lighter and stiffer reeds make higher-pitched sounds.

7.Bamboo tines are not only stronger _ for their weight _ they are springier and, hence, easier on my aging joints and tendons.

8.Ball covers are made of cowhide, and it could be that due to the hormones we use to fatten cows, their hide is thicker and springier.

9.Samaki Walker understood the responsibility and he knew the comparisons would come, and so he spent the season trying to fashion himself into a younger, springier Horace Grant.

10.All this for a man who transformed, to a large degree, the concept of shortstop, proving that a big man could be nimble enough to play a demanding position usually the province of shorter, springier waterbugs.

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