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English-Hindi > squeegee

squeegee meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: squeegeed   verb past participle: squeegeed   verb present participle: squeegeeing   
squeegee sentence in Hindi
1.We hook up everything : gloves, squeegee, except sponge.

2.Take the squeegee and wipe the blade with a damp cloth.

3.Squeegees also stand ready if greens need to be swept off.

4.But it's also easy to spot a squeegee man.

5.He had one tool left : a short metal squeegee handle.

6.Although the greens had to be squeegeed, they never flooded.

7.With a metal or rubber squeegee, scrape off the film.

8.Meanwhile, his trusted squeegee is now a part of history.

9.:I doubt it has anything to do with squeegee people.

10.In a January 1994 article on " squeegee men,"

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T-shaped cleaning implement with a rubber edge across the top; drawn across a surface to remove water (as in washing windows)

wipe with a squeegee; "squeegee the windows"

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