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stabilized dune sentence in Hindi

"stabilized dune" meaning in Hindi
  • Uneaten seeds grow into plants which help to stabilize dunes.
  • The resultant use of artificial beaches and stabilized dunes as an engineering approach was an economically viable and more environmentally friendly means for dissipating wave energy and protecting coastal developments.
  • The Sandhills sit atop the massive Ogallala Aquifer; thus both temporary and permanent shallow lakes are common in low-lying valleys between the grass-stabilized dunes prevalent in the Sandhills.
  • Due to the erosive nature of loess soil and its ability to stand in vertical columns when dry, the stabilized dunes were eroded into the corrugated, sharply dissected bluffs we see today.
  • These depressions usually start on the higher parts of the stabilized dunes on the account that desiccation and disturbances are more considerable which allows for greater surface drag and sediment entrainment when sand is bare.
  • The coastline east of Ba�a de S�o Jos?is less indented and characterized by sand dunes, including the stark dune fields of the Len��is Maranhenses National Park, as well as restinga forests that form on stabilized dunes.
  • However, if the climate changes, it can directly influence the health of the vegetation, which can make the skin fragile; nevertheless, the rate of change may take some time and may be different for stabilized dunes in different environments.

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