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stabilizer sentence in Hindi

"stabilizer" meaning in Hindi
  • He developed a stabilizer bar that allowed the craft to hover.
  • What would happen if you separated that weight from the stabilizers?
  • But the point is you can use other kinds of stabilizers.
  • The shift to services is an inherent stabilizer, he writes.
  • The stabilizer augmentor system was looked over as a possible cause.
  • Problems with stabilizers are rare, according to aviation safety experts.
  • This is known as a " runaway " stabilizer.
  • The recorder also measured the all-important stabilizer trim positions.
  • The stabilizer is the most critical control surface on the airplane,
  • Aviation experts have speculated that part of the stabilizer broke off.
  • The stabilizer's job is to keep the plane level.
  • You can also buy fuel stabilizers where power equipment is sold.
  • The stabilizer can be moved in flight to trim the plane.
  • In particular, so-called automatic stabilizers are ideal tools.
  • All contain sweeteners and stabilizers, and come in aerosol cans.
  • When the image stabilizer is switched on, the tremors subside.
  • Pilots are trained extensively in what to do about stabilizer malfunctions.
  • Stabilizers aid in aiming by improving the balance of the bow.
  • Ferrotellurium is used as a stabilizer for carbon in steel casting.
  • Four folding stabilizers were added to improve aerodynamic stability during descent.
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