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stabilizing agent sentence in Hindi

"stabilizing agent" meaning in Hindi
  • Tiopronin is also sometimes used as a stabilizing agent for metal nanoparticles.
  • The milk products and stabilizing agent ( s ) are combined and homogenized.
  • To prevent the particles so formed from aggregating, often stabilizing agents are added.
  • Carrageenans are large, highly flexible molecules that curl forming thickening and stabilizing agents.
  • These vaccines contained HBV-infected human serum as a stabilizing agent.
  • They act as microbule-stabilizing agents and are called depolymerization inhibitors like the paclitaxel analogues.
  • Frequently referred to as TOPO, this compound is used as an extraction or stabilizing agent.
  • There are other thickening and stabilizing agents.
  • The attachment of these capping / stabilizing agents slows and eventually stops the growth of the particle.
  • Class I agents are called membrane-stabilizing agents.
  • There, Alcatraz is told to find a stabilizing agent in the bio-lab to facilitate the Nanosuit's analyzing process.
  • Once the shock chlorine has done its job, pool owners use chlorine that has a stabilizing agent added.
  • NaBH 4 is the reducing agent, and TOAB is both the phase transfer catalyst and the stabilizing agent.
  • The civet produces a musk ( also called civet ) highly valued as a fragrance and stabilizing agent for perfume.
  • The moist solution is primarily water _ about 90 percent _ with a stabilizing agent that gives the sheets strength.
  • Other examples of microtubule-stabilizing agents include taxanes and epothilones, both of which prevent cancer cells from dividing by interfering with tubulin.
  • Banks " could act as stabilizing agents for their own currency, making profits at the expense of private speculators, " he said.
  • "' Taccalonolides "'are a class of microtubule-stabilizing agents isolated from " Tacca chantrieri " that has been shown to have selective cancer-fighting properties.
  • On the other hand, peanut butter comprises peanut paste as well as a stabilizing agent, a sweetening agent, salt, and optionally, an emulsifying agent.
  • Stable suspensions are often obtained at low salt concentrations or by addition of chemicals referred to as " stabilizers " or " stabilizing agents ".
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