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English-Hindi > stalls

stalls meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ stɔ:lz ]  sound:  
stalls sentence in Hindi
1.Everywhere there were stalls with items for sale .
दोनों तरफ तरह - तरह की दुकानें थीं ।

2.Then , like a colony of worker ants , they dismantled their stalls and left .
फिर कामकाजी चींटी की टोली की तरह दुकानें समेटकर चलते बने ।

3.Shower rooms : Separate stalls needed, so Muslims are not subject to the “profound indignity” of seeing or being seen in the nude.
नहाने के कक्ष- अलग प्रभाग ताकि मुस्लिम लोग को कोई नग्न न देख सके । .

4.When goats are confined to stalls , their feet require special attention .
बकरियों को जब नांद में ही बांधा जाता है तो उनके पांवों पर विशेष ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता रहती है .

5.The merchants were assembling their stalls , and the boy helped a candy seller to do his .
दुकानदारों ने अपनी दुकानें लगानी शुरू कर दी थीं । लड़के ने एक मिठाईवाले की दुकान लगाने में मदद की ।

a farm building for housing horses or other livestock
Synonyms: stable, horse barn,

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