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English-Hindi > stashing

stashing meaning in Hindi

stashing sentence in Hindi
1.Unless they have been declassified, stashing them away is unlawful,

2.Federal officials suspect McVeigh was stashing his getaway car at the time.

3.Thomas Kolm remembered stashing presents in the attic when Kevin was young.

4.The former president has denied corruption or stashing cash overseas.

5.He ended the corrupt act of stashing budget funds in commercial banks.

6.That would be worth stashing in an Herm�s handbag ."

7.They also accuse him of stashing a fortune away in overseas bank accounts.

8.Some gang leaders were stashing liquor months before the Volstead Act was enforced.

9.The NYT leads with the continuing Mideasu talks, stashing the budget story inside.

10.Companies have multitudinous schemes for stashing income overseas.

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