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English-Hindi > steadfastnesses

steadfastnesses meaning in Hindi

steadfastnesses sentence in Hindi
1.Clinton's steadfastness surprised everyone, including his own advisers.

2.His steadfastness has paid off over the long run, however.

3.Years of American steadfastness have earned it the trust of Israel.

4.Kenan Thompson carries the weight of the film with endearing steadfastness.

5.Call it resilience, courage, steadfastness or simply toughness.

6.The thing that strikes you about The 12th Man is his steadfastness.

7.We will persist in our steadfastness and resistance, even with stones.

8.I admire his patience, his steadfastness, his humanity.

9.The ailing Assad wanted this steadfastness to be his legacy.

10.One Israeli colleague says Masry's steadfastness and honesty command respect.

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