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English-Hindi > stem

stem meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ stem ]  sound:  
stem sentence in Hindi
1.This is another example of patient-specific stem cells
यह रोगी विशेष स्टेम कोशिकाओं का एक और उदाहरण है

2.The choice does n't stem from longevity of tenure alone .
यह पसंद कार्यकाल की दीर्घता से ही नहीं उपजती .

3.They're a lot like embryonic stem cells
वे भ्रूण स्टेम कोशिकाओं की तरह बहुत कुछ कर रहे हैं

4.But another thing about these induced pluripotent stem cells
लेकिन इन प्रेरित pluripotent स्टेम सेल के बारे में एक और बात

5.Is what's called induced pluripotent stem cells.
-जिसे प्रेरित pluripotent स्टेम सेल कहा जाता है.

6.German Society for Stem Cell Research

7.Okay, induced pluripotent stem cells.
ठीक है, प्रेरित pluripotent स्टेम सेल.

8.From these induced pluripotent stem cells
इन प्रेरित pluripotent स्टेम सेल से

9.Once the doctors are sure that brain stem death has occurred, the donating patient is kept on a 'ventilator' which keeps the heat beating in order to circulate oxygen.
क्या सभी अवयवों का इस्तेमाल किया जायेगा?

10.The word 'Veda' is made of Sanskrit language's stem 'Vid', which means knowledge.
वेद शब्द संस्कृत भाषा के विद् धातु से बना है जिसका अर्थ है: जानना ज्ञान इत्यादि।

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a turn made in skiing; the back of one ski is forced outward and the other ski is brought parallel to it
Synonyms: stem turn,

front part of a vessel or aircraft; "he pointed the bow of the boat toward the finish line"
Synonyms: bow, fore, prow,

cylinder forming a long narrow part of something
Synonyms: shank,

the tube of a tobacco pipe

(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"
Synonyms: root, root word, base, theme, radical,

a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
Synonyms: stalk,

remove the stem from; "for automatic natural language processing, the words must be stemmed"

stop the flow of a liquid; "staunch the blood flow"; "stem the tide"
Synonyms: stanch, staunch, halt,

grow out of, have roots in, originate in; "The increase in the national debt stems from the last war"

cause to point inward; "stem your skis"

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