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English-Hindi > stormy weather

stormy weather meaning in Hindi

stormy weather sentence in Hindi

तूफानी मौसम
stormy    क्रोधी तीव्र
weather    ऋतु काल दशा मौसम
1.Stormy weather on Wednesday afternoon forced the suspension of the cleanup operation.

2.Stormy weather threatened to delay the flight, already running one month late.

3.The stormy weather scattered the French as soon as they left Brest.

4.Police said stormy weather and high waves caused the vessel to sink.

5.Like Southern California, the cable industry has endured years of stormy weather.

6.The plane was last heard from 15 minutes later, during stormy weather.

7.Diplomatic and security sources had said the plane crashed in stormy weather.

8.Stormy weather led NASA to postpone the launching on Thursday and Friday.

9.In September, two Sunday cruises were canceled because of stormy weather.

10.What funds managed to shine as stormy weather lashed the markets?

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