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English-Hindi > storminess

storminess meaning in Hindi

storminess sentence in Hindi
1.-- Pacific Northwest : Above normal precipitation and increased storminess.

2.The eye is an island of calm in a sea of storminess.

3.The Gulf of Alaska also is a catalyst for storminess.

4.In winter, the Great Lakes are portrayed as inland seas of storminess.

5.Pacific Northwest : Wetter than normal and increased storminess.

6.As a result, increased storminess is expected across the southern United States.

7.Sunspots, often associated with flares, are a handy measure of solar storminess.

8.Low pressure generally is an indication of storminess.

9.The weather pattern over the East will take a decided turn toward increasing storminess Thursday.

10.The typical structure of potent low pressure systems is characterized by several distinct legions of storminess.

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violent passion in speech or action; "frightened by the storminess of their argument"

the state of being stormy; "he dreaded the storminess of the North Atlantic in winter"

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