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stratospheric warming sentence in Hindi

"stratospheric warming" meaning in Hindi
  • Stratospheric warming of the polar vortex results in its weakening.
  • Sudden stratospheric warming events are associated with weaker polar vortices.
  • One such phenomenon is sudden stratospheric warming.
  • Prior to September 2002, it was thought, that a major sudden stratospheric warming could happen only in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The stratospheric warming was first documented by the US Army Meteorological Rocket Network station at Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • The high concentration might explain the stratospheric warming of ~ 15 �C, resulting in surface cooling that would be a delayed reaction lasting for the next nine years.
  • It is estimated that the stratospheric warming event only lasted four years, but cooler temperatures were documented until 1825 ( Cole-Dai et al . 2009 ).
  • Thus, there exists a statistically significant imbalance between the frequency of sudden stratospheric warmings if these events are grouped according to the QBO phase ( easterly or westerly ).
  • Beginning on January 2, 2014, sudden stratospheric warming ( SSW ) led to the breakdown of the semi-permanent feature across the Arctic known as the polar vortex.
  • During northern hemispheric winters, sudden stratospheric warmings, caused by the absorption of Rossby waves in the stratosphere, can be observed in approximately half of winters when easterly winds develop in the stratosphere.
  • Search teams did not find re-entry debris at the predicted location until they recalculated where that location would be based upon data indicating a stratospheric warming event had been in progress during re-entry.
  • The breakdown of the polar vortex is an extreme event known as a sudden stratospheric warming, here the vortex completely breaks down and an associated warming of 30 50 �C ( 54 90 �F ) over a few days can occur.
  • This wave forcing of the flow is particularly important in the stratosphere, where this momentum deposition by planetary scale Rossby waves gives rise to sudden stratospheric warmings and the deposition by gravity waves gives rise to the quasi-biennial oscillation.
  • This is the first time, daily variations in secondary cosmic rays from an underground muon detector are shown to be associated with planetary scale meteorological phenomena in the stratosphere such as the Sudden stratospheric warming as well as the change in seasons.
  • Mclnturff states : " a stratospheric warming is called minor if a significant temperature increase is observed ( that is, at least 25 degrees in a period of week or less ) at any stratospheric level in any area of winter time hemisphere.
  • According to Charlton and Polvani sudden stratospheric warming ( SSW ) in the Arctic has occurred during 60 % of the winters since 1948 and 48 % of these SSW events have led to the splitting of the polar vortex, leading to the same type of Arctic cold front that happened in January 2014.
  • A "'sudden stratospheric warming "'( SSW ) is an event where the polar vortex of westerly winds in the winter hemisphere slows down or even reverses direction over the course of a few days . The change is accompanied by a rise of stratospheric temperature by several tens of kelvins.
  • There exists a link between sudden stratospheric warmings and the quasi-biennial oscillation : If the QBO is in its easterly ( westward ) phase, the atmospheric waveguide is modified in such a way that upward-propagating Rossby waves are focused on the polar vortex, intensifying their interaction with the mean flow.
  • According to the World Meteorological Organization's Commission for Atmospheric Sciences ( Mclnturff, 1978 ) : " a stratospheric warming can be said to be major if at 10 mb or below the latitudinal mean temperature increases poleward from 60 degree latitude and an associated circulation reversal is observed ( that is, the prevailing mean westerly winds poleward of 60 latitude are succeeded by mean easterlies in the same area ) ."

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