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stratum sentence in Hindi

"stratum" meaning in Hindi
  • Might Peru Ubu find that ever-elusive stratum, success?
  • In addition to these, Stalin distinguished the stratum of intelligentsia.
  • The stratum corneum has a thickness between 10 and 40 ?m.
  • Tall trees about 40 metres high make up the highest stratum.
  • They did not have a noble stratum or intelligentsia ( cf.
  • The stratum oriens is the location between layers containing basal dendrites.
  • The next occupation phase, Stratum I, was badly preserved.
  • The rest of the skin below the stratum corneum cannot absorb water.
  • There are dedicated collectors on a sub-Saatchi stratum, too.
  • For Mongolians, Genghis Khan occupies the same rarefied stratum of history.
  • By winning it, he entered yet another superstar stratum.
  • Then simple random sampling or systematic sampling is applied within each stratum.
  • The carboxylic acid coated particles did not penetrate past the stratum corneum.
  • The stratum corneum provides the most significant barrier to diffusion.
  • Most of Stratum's neighbourhoods were built between 1920 and 1950.
  • Species are located mostly in the middle stratum of forest.
  • Eleidin is then converted to keratin in the stratum corneum.
  • An upper, younger stratum is about 1 m below the surface.
  • At the bottom of society was a stratum of slaves.
  • This nondual consciousness is seen as a common stratum to different religions.
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