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English-Hindi > streamer

streamer meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'stri:mə ]  sound:  
noun plural: streamers   
streamer sentence in Hindi
1.To Striper, it might as well be crepe paper streamers.

2.Exchange staff threw streamers and confetti from the visitors'balcony.

3.It allows the Atlanta Symphony to unfurl streamers of luxurious sound.

4.You helped her hang the crepe paper streamers for the party.

5.But there was no confetti, no streamers welcoming them home.

6.Gold streamers and purple and gold confetti rained from the rafters.

7.His extensive stage directing credits include " Streamers,"

8.Banners with messages of welcome and fringed streamers decorated the streets.

9.Coronal streamers are considered as sources of the slow solar wind.

10.The 27th earned ten campaign streamers and three Presidential Unit Citations.

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long strip of cloth or paper used for decoration or advertising
Synonyms: banner,

a long flag; often tapering
Synonyms: pennant, pennon, waft,

a newspaper headline that runs across the full page
Synonyms: banner,

light that streams; "streamers of flames"

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