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English-Hindi > stridulations

stridulations meaning in Hindi

stridulations sentence in Hindi
1.The organ of the stridulation of the males is generally brown.

2.Instead we heard agitated stridulation _ scraping _ like a general alarm.

3.Stridulation can be interrupted by noise in the environment.

4.The bird vibrates loudly via stridulation of retrice quills.

5.Their stridulation plays a role in interspecific defense mechanisms.

6.Some ants produce sounds by stridulation, using the gaster segments and their mandibles.

7.This method of making sound is called stridulation.

8.All species of catfishes can generate sound through stridulation, and many produce sounds through drumming.

9.Consequently, sound production via stridulation is an excellent means of underwater communication for channel catfish.

10.He worked mainly on the Coleoptera and noted stridulation in the larvae and adults of Lamellicorn beetles.

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