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English-Hindi > stringer

stringer meaning in Hindi

stringer sentence in Hindi
1.And that was with third-stringer Jason Garrett at quarterback.

2.Third-stringer Garrett stepped in to total 311 passing yards.

3.Stringer's magic has been scarce at the network lately.

4.Still, it is a difficult leave-taking for Stringer.

5.But as Stringer's profile grows, egos could clash.

6.Cabrera was a third-stringer and Lopez is the starter.

7.The star lost his protectors, Howard Stringer and Michael Ovitz.

8.Stringer is 6-feet-4 and weighs 339 pounds.

9.Stringer came from CBS, and Grushow came from Fox Broadcasting.

10.Stringer said yesterday over breakfast at the Regent Hotel in Manhattan.

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a long horizontal timber to connect uprights

brace consisting of a longitudinal member to strengthen a fuselage or hull

a worker who strings; "a stringer of beads"

a member of a squad on a team; "a first stringer"; "a second stringer"

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