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stringing sentence in Hindi

"stringing" meaning in Hindistringing in a sentence
  • Right now, I'm interested in stringing wins together.
  • Racket-stringing " is not rocket science,"
  • In several locations, they quit stringing fiber 30 days ago,
  • Few were better at stringing together complete sentences than Jack Paar.
  • But just stringing them together doesn't make an epic.
  • "Devean's been stringing them together,"
  • Stringing popcorn wasn't as easy as it sounded either.
  • I considered stringing cranberries and popcorn, but nixed that idea.
  • This time, she won by stringing together two consistent runs.
  • PSV Eindhoven is stringing together bad performances but keeps winning games.
  • Double stringing demands higher tensions, between 21 and 27 kilos.
  • Now you're ready to begin stringing the lights.
  • Stringing hits together . . . ( his voice trailed off ).
  • Ruining manicures by stringing popcorn and cranberry garlands like Laura Ingalls Wilder?
  • Scoring was about constructing a play, stringing passes together.
  • Wells righted himself, stringing together three scoreless innings after the fifth.
  • Next, they take on the task of stringing the lollipop tree.
  • We felt they lost some focus and had trouble stringing passes together.
  • The Mets are capable of stringing together eight hits in a row.
  • Stringing cable is the expensive part of the process, Ianna said.
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