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English-Hindi > stuffing

stuffing meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'stʌfiŋ ]  sound:  
stuffing sentence in Hindi
• हिम्मत
• भरी जाने वाली सामग्री
• भरण
• भराई
• मसाला
• साहस

• प्रभरण
• भरना
• भराव
1.Make the stuffing one afternoon when the children are out playing.

2.But I know my hands are tired from stuffing the ballot.

3.We also used an old pillow as part of the stuffing.

4.Pair the glazed turkey with Apple, Sausage and Chestnut Stuffing.

5.With their hollow insides, they're perfect for stuffing.

6.Sweet-toothed canines can get sick stuffing themselves with candy.

7.There are stuffings based on every conceivable grain and various greens.

8.Instead, he will make a New England-style stuffing.

9.Starr reminds cooks never to smoke a bird with stuffing inside.

10.Not to mention mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

padding put in mattresses and cushions and upholstered furniture

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
Synonyms: dressing,

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