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English-Hindi > sudsy

sudsy meaning in Hindi

sudsy sentence in Hindi
• झागदार
• फेनिल
1.But he spies some sudsy water while his car is stopped.

2.Like Jon Turteltaub's sudsy " Kid,"

3."The water gets sudsy, " he said.

4.Macri continues, now frisking her armpit with the sudsy scrungie.

5.The singing is heartfelt, the songwriting sudsy but literate.

6.-- Sudsy ammonia : reduces perspiration ring around the collar

7.Some jewelers provide their customers with sudsy ammonia cleaning kits.

8.No one doubts that pollution in the sudsy green river killed the ducks.

9.When it doesn't, it plays like a sudsy nighttime soap.

10.There, they can luxuriate in a massaging footbath of warm sudsy water.

resembling lather or covered with lather
Synonyms: lathery,

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