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English-Hindi > sue for damages

sue for damages meaning in Hindi

sue for damages sentence in Hindi

• नुकसानी का वाद लाना
sue    नालिश करना अभियोग
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
damages    नुकसान हरजाना
1.They sued for damages relating to their physical injuries and emotional distress.

2.The two Fowler sons later sued for damages after their mother's death.

3.Other ships and businesses affected by the spill are also suing for damages.

4.Heinz sued for damages but dropped the case during the hearing.

5.In divorce cases, victims of abuse can also sue for damages.

6.He said he might be sued for damages if he did.

7.They are suing for damages, claiming whistle-blower protection under state law.

8.But they will now be able to sue for damages in British courts.

9.It would also allow people to sue for damages when benefits are denied.

10.He also sued for damages under the Contractual Remedies Act ( 1979 ).

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