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English-Hindi > sulfide

sulfide meaning in Hindi

noun plural: sulfides   
sulfide sentence in Hindi
1.Although relatively clean, it can release toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.

2.Some of the gold at Porgera occurs in iron sulfide minerals.

3.All will cause sulfide corrosion, resulting in a blackish tarnish.

4.The sulfide-oxidizing bacteria can also get sulfide from sediments.

5.The sulfide-oxidizing bacteria can also get sulfide from sediments.

6.A fluorescent compound, zinc cadmium sulfide, also was used.

7.The bacteria live on hydrogen sulfide gas associated with volcanic activity.

8.Padaeng imported 140, 000 tonnes of zinc sulfide in 1997.

9.The critical reaction is the oxidation of sulfide by ferric iron.

10.Sulfide minerals and analogous compounds produce gases upon reaction with oxygen.

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a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive
Synonyms: sulphide,

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