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English-Hindi > summonsed

summonsed meaning in Hindi

summonsed sentence in Hindi
• आह्वान
• इत्तिला
• तलबी
• नोटिस
• बुलावा
• सम्मन
• सूचना
• समन
• आह्वाहन पत्र
• आह्नान
• सम्मन देना
1.Oft-blamed, taxi drivers are oft-summonsed as well.

2.Xinhua chief summonsed to appear over Lau case, HONGKONG STANDARD

3.Rick Perry was not arrested for his indictment; he was summonsed.

4.He was summonsed to appear in front of a Perth Magistrate for offensive behaviour.


6.Mwanawasa should be summonsed by the court and punished for issuing contemptuous statements, Simeza said.

7.In 1994, Trevor Haken was summonsed for an examination at the New South Wales Crime Commission.

8.A number of witnesses, including Drayton, were summonsed to appear before the committee on 30 October.

9.Immediately after the game Tallis was summonsed to a judiciary hearing at the ground but was not suspended.

10.Police approached the men after receiving a complaint call and one man was summonsed for possession of marijuana.

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