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English-Hindi > sundowner

sundowner meaning in Hindi

noun plural: sundowners   
sundowner sentence in Hindi
1.The case is Oncale v . Sundowner Offshore, 96-568.

2.In 1972 the C23 was renamed the " Sundowner ".

3.The car was dubbed the " Sundowner " by Birtles.

4.The Sundowner and Dancer discover that cattle rustlers have been stealing stock.

5.Sundowner in 1988 at a Long Beach Dead concert.

6.We called ourselves The Sundowners and did those three tunes at the dance.

7.The case is Oncale vs . Sundowner Offshore Services, 96-568.

8.The case is Oncale v . Sundowner Offshore Service, 96-568.

9.The case is Oncale v . Sundowner Offshore Services, 96-568.

10.Sundowner will be invited to ride in the hearse.

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a drink taken at sundown

a tramp who habitually arrives at sundown

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