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English-Hindi > sundries

sundries meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'sʌndriz ]  sound:  
sundries sentence in Hindi
1.He cleverly tries to keep himself acceptable to all and sundry.

2.He whined about sundry grievances and feuded with ownership about money.

3.Notes on the various and the sundry for shopping in Mexico:

4.Sundry bystanders are also punctured, stabbed, defingered and incinerated.

5.Cults gather round shamans and sorcerers, conjurers of sundry mysticisms.

6.Fried chicken in sundry parts, fried mushrooms, french fries.

7.In between are sundry VPs, executive VPs and senior VPs.

8.Stuff can be found in a sundry shop in Jalan Bangsar.

9.These were distributed to sundry shops, foodstalls and medicine halls.

10.Together with sundry Poems, Epigrams, Elegies, and Epithalamiums.

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miscellaneous objects too numerous or too small to be specified

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