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English-Hindi > suntanned

suntanned meaning in Hindi

suntanned sentence in Hindi
1.That draft featured a lot of red wine drinkers and suntanned people.

2.Backhoes and dump trucks rumbled through seafront streets usually crowded with suntanned tourists.

3.They get burned, we get suntanned.

4.Perpetually suntanned, Valentino obviously loves summer.

5.Quintus opens a bottle of wine at a nearby table for a pair of suntanned bankers.

6.And a seven-week beach party will break out, featuring shameless displays of suntanned skin.

7.Farina plays a crude, grotesquely suntanned lecher who offers Burns'character guidance on bedding women.

8.Cash has a suntanned face from working outdoors, planting trees on his farm the previous two weeks.

9.The family were afterwards described as " in absolutely perfect condition-a bit skinny and suntanned ".

10.He turned out to be Michael Levy, a dentist in Phoenix, married, gregarious, audibly suntanned.

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(of skin) having a tan color from exposure to the sun; "a young bronzed Apollo"
Synonyms: bronzed, tanned,

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