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English-Hindi > symposiarch

symposiarch meaning in Hindi

symposiarch sentence in Hindi
1.Who's the ersatz symposiarch ( to use words that tripped kids ) who puts these bees together?

2.Daley was elected'Symposiarch'of the Duskers and the seven'heptarchs'were Lawson, Stevens, Nelson Illingworth, Frank P . Mahony, George Augustine Taylor, Con Lindsay ( journalist ), and Philp, who drafted the rules.

3.Philolexian has several officers, the Moderator ( " de facto " president ), Scriba, and Censor ( " emeritus " president ), as well as other enviable positions, including Herald, Keeper of the Halls, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Minister of Internet Truth, Nomenclaturist-General, Symposiarch, and Literary Czar, editor of the literary journal of the Society.

the person who proposes toasts and introduces speakers at a banquet
Synonyms: toastmaster,

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