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English-Hindi > syringomyelia

syringomyelia meaning in Hindi

syringomyelia sentence in Hindi
1.In the absence of symptoms, syringomyelia is usually not treated.

2.He is also credited with coining the term " syringomyelia ".

3.Physicians now use magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) to diagnose syringomyelia.

4.Drugs have no curative value as a treatment for syringomyelia.

5.Syringomyelia is a paramedian, usually irregular, longitudinal cavity.

6.The tournament has raised almost $ 200, 000 for Syringomyelia research.

7.Dr . Green specializes in Chiari 1 Malformation and syringomyelia.

8.Since the introduction of MRI this test is rarely necessary to diagnose syringomyelia.

9.Problems such as breathing in the Syringomyelia in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed.

10.This disorder is associated with syringomyelia, a syrinx limited to the spinal cord.

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