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English-Hindi > taal

taal meaning in Hindi

taal sentence in Hindi
1.Travel-Spendido Taal / 4.22 edited, BUSINESS DAILY

2.Taal is 311 meters ( 1, 026 feet ) high.

3.A dominant feature of the province of Batangas is Taal Lake.

4.This explains the visibility of the Taal Volcano in some scenes.

5.Suresh Talwalkar for his taal maala concerts in her initial years.

6.For economic considerations, Lemery was again annexed to Taal in 1904.

7.Chandra Taal is a popular destination for trekkers and campers.

8.Juan Bautista Montoya, the prior of the Taal Convent.

9.Ardha Taal Chakra explored half-beat Indian rhythm cycles.

10.Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde.

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