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English-Hindi > tablature

tablature meaning in Hindi

tablature sentence in Hindi
1.Tablature on the Internet makes the world of musical education smaller.

2.As a consequence, tablature for each genre is written differently.

3.I then tried the tablature Sor-iii on your side.

4.During this time, composers wrote mostly in tablature notation.

5.Tablature notation depends on the actual instrument the music is written for.

6.Tablature is most commonly found in tutorial books for beginners.

7.What tuning a work calls for is usually indicated on the tablature.

8.There is some evidence that the original was notated in organ tablature.

9.He has also published three books of music and tablature.

10.William Barley published a book of Orpharian tablature in 1596.

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a musical notation indicating the fingering to be used

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