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table wine sentence in Hindi

"table wine" meaning in Hindi
  • Seppelt continued the production of sparkling and table wines at Great Western.
  • Heavy bodied and woefully overoaked, they resemble aperitifs more than table wines.
  • It iso it is a little more potent than normal table wine.
  • Whether a wine this powerful is still a table wine is debatable.
  • Grapes from this region are made into table wines of excellent quality.
  • Before 1920, table wines accounted for 3 of every 4 gallons shipped.
  • It is worth noting that only table wines are involved here.
  • Even Westbend's blends, the Shallowford Cellars table wines, are remarkably tasty.
  • Table wines may carry the name of the bottler and the postal code.
  • San Antonio produces varietal, table wines, and dessert wines, both red and white.
  • The wines were frequently mixed to make an ordinary table wine.
  • Literally meaning red table wine, this wine does not meet the government regulations.
  • California table wines amounted to 3.4 percent of total case volume.
  • Like today, these varied in quality from common table wine to valuable vintages.
  • Recioto is necessarily more of an aperitif than a table wine.
  • Ice wine usually has a slightly lower alcohol content than regular table wine.
  • In fact, it's both-- and a delightful table wine as well.
  • 2001 Borsao Campo de Borja red table wine ( $ 8)
  • A good table wine can be made from the petite sirah.
  • California table wines amounted to 3 . 4 percent of total case volume.
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