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tableaus sentence in Hindi

"tableaus" meaning in Hindi
  • Burnt desert hills rise implacably behind the dead-silent tableau.
  • It was, in many ways, an entirely familiar tableau.
  • This signature tableau offered four-season interest without being static.
  • It was an all too familiar tableau of modern American tragedy.
  • And with any luck, deer are part of the tableau.
  • But the frozen tableaus of panelists was a presentation in itself.
  • Only one thing was missing from the enchanting tableau : Him.
  • But where exactly is Hart in this star-studded tableau?
  • It was a contradictory tableau, in and around the Pentagon.
  • Not all Egyptologists agree on the significance of the Scorpion Tableau.
  • Images from around the region presented a tableau of unrelenting grief.
  • Large tableau-like paintings depicting Carnival fare separate the exhibits.
  • But these two occasions were small humps in one monotonous tableau.
  • Interest groups provide the final piece of the TV ad tableau.
  • Now the tableau was completed, but Ali was not done.
  • Reducing the number of such tableau therefore reduces the required search.
  • The cards are dealt to the tableau in piles of three.
  • There is no tableau to place the cards from the stock.
  • The tableau as a form still dominates the art photography market.
  • The cards on the tableau are built down in alternating colors.
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