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English-Hindi > tabular

tabular meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'tæbjulə ]  sound:  
tabular sentence in Hindi
1.No tabular columns defined Y + d during the Super Bowl?

2.Tabular in form, the reef is inclined at 21 degrees.

3.However, many fonts that are not monospaced use tabular figures.

4.Tabular crystals usually have two twinned planes parallel to each other.

5.The information is often formatted in a tabular form for clarity.

6.The Erebus Ice Tongue produces flat-topped or tabular icebergs.

7.Wikipedia also includes reference tables and tabular information for quick reference.

8.In most capitosaurians, the quadratojugals extend past the tabular horns.

9.The second norm is intended for technical devices and tabular output.

10.Numbers can be set as tabular, proportional or text figures.

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of or pertaining to or arranged in table form

flat; like a table in form

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