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English-Hindi > tacked

tacked meaning in Hindi

tacked sentence in Hindi
1.And keep a list of possible deductions tacked above your desk.

2.A clipping of a newspaper editorial is tacked to his wall.

3.He tacked in front of Phil Gramm and took his wind.

4.Medaphis ( MEDA ) tacked on $ 1 to $ 16.

5.Maps marking delivery routes are tacked to the scoop shop walls.

6.Confronted by a veto threat from Clinton, the Republicans tacked.

7.There I saw a sign tacked up on the bulletin board.

8.The tacked-on feel-good ending is utterly false.

9.Those invitates are tacked next to the middle school baseball schedule.

10.First Union tacked on 56 cents to $ 30.58.

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