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tacking sentence in Hindi

"tacking" meaning in Hindi
  • The PACT 95 team's crew initiated a tacking duel.
  • "Right now, they're tacking,"
  • But Ashcroft said the administration opposed tacking on an expiration date.
  • Now at age 55 he's tacking on family man.
  • Presidents come and go, some tacking left, others right.
  • This rig simplified tacking into the strong westerlies when bound north.
  • The crab claw is often compared with the tacking lateen sail.
  • Jigs hold frame tubes for tacking and alignment prior to welding.
  • Tacking with a screacher may require furling and re-setting.
  • "We just kept tacking on, " says Morgan.
  • They are simply fees that the companies are tacking onto their commissions.
  • First, she adjusted her name, tacking Jospin at the end.
  • To assist in tacking the beitass kept the luff taut.
  • Vice Admiral tacking ahead, placing Ashby between two fires.
  • Tacking was not possible and so an anchor was dropped.
  • The design also includes a self-tacking jib to ease handling.
  • This is what one of his advisors calls " tacking ."
  • Clinton can't even admit to a prevarication without tacking on another.
  • A tacking duel left America3 ahead by 37 seconds at the first mark.
  • "Tic-Tacking " is local slang for secret talks.
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