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English-Hindi > takings

takings meaning in Hindi

takings sentence in Hindi
• आय
• प्राप्ति
• मुनाफ़ा
1.Several officials unwisely spent their illicit takings to build expensive homes.

2.Discussing federal " takings " legislation, she said:

3.Inmates regularly stage riots, hostage-takings and hunger strikes.

4.Roy believed the program added millions to the box office takings.

5.PLF's property rights cases have focused on regulatory takings.

6.The winning team overall would win the takings of both bars.

7.Consequently, Justice Scalia wrote that judicial takings are no different.

8.Proponents call such arguments fallacious, particularly the takings issue.

9.There have been no reported hostage-takings so far.

10.The bottom six finishers have smaller takings to worry about.

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