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English-Hindi > tarmacadam

tarmacadam meaning in Hindi

tarmacadam sentence in Hindi
1.A plant to manufacture tarmacadam was built beside Whitstable Harbour in 1936.

2.A tarmacadam plant was also built, operating from 1936 to 1948.

3.Ahead were three men squatting on the tarmacadam, rifles pointed at our car.

4.In 1903 he formed the TarMacadam ( Purnell Hooley's Patents ) Syndicate Limited.

5.The early roads were improved by the use of tarmacadam construction in the early 20th century.

6.The two pits had stone crushing plant and coating machinery for making Tarmacadam for road surfacing.

7.The airfield has a tarmacadam runway which can and has accommodated large aircraft such as the Boeing 747.

8.Products commonly sold and installed by the company include wetpour, artificial grass, tarmacadam, polymeric rubber and resin bound gravel paving.

9.Owing to the complications of laying tarmacadam on banking, and the expense of laying asphalt, the track was built in uncoated concrete.

10.Responsible for extensive road improvements in the county and for the introduction of tarmacadam road surfaces in 1904, he also built several bridges during the 1920s and 1930s.

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a paved surface having compressed layers of broken rocks held together with tar
Synonyms: tarmac, macadam,

a paving material of tar and broken stone; mixed in a factory and shaped during paving
Synonyms: tarmac,

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