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English-Hindi > tax evasion

tax evasion meaning in Hindi

tax evasion sentence in Hindi
कर चोरी

कर छिपाना
कर वंचन
tax    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
evasion    छल टाल-मटोल परिहार
1.A recent crackdown on tax evasion put doleiros again in the spotlight.

2.Bagao Felix said he planned " extensive measures " against tax evasion

3.Tax evasion and general criminality are already chronic problems in Russia.

4.Moon himself served time in a federal prison for tax evasion.

5.Government coffers are empty because of poor management and tax evasion.

6.He also has said cutting tax evasion will be a priority.

7.Khodorkovsky is being tried on charges including fraud and tax evasion.

8.All of this has made tax evasion practically a national pastime.

9.Tax evasion is a serious affront to the rule of law.

10.The current system leads to . . . massive tax evasion.

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the deliberate failure to pay taxes (usually by making a false report)

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