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English-Hindi > tax income

tax income meaning in Hindi

tax income sentence in Hindi
• राजस्व
tax    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
income    मुनाफा लाभ
1.First, there isn't even agreement on whether to tax income or consumption.

2.But this year's large jump in after-tax income will probably not repeat.

3.Controlling more cities benefits from increased geographical dominance and greater tax income.

4.At the same time, after-tax income advanced 5 percent-- half as fast.

5.Interest earnings on accounts also provide non tax income to the District.

6.The rate is determined simply by subtracting national consumption from after-tax income.

7.Interest earned on reserve accounts is a source of non tax income.

8.The Commonwealth had passed legislation that allowed them to nationally tax incomes.

9.Net pre-tax income from Bakhrabad was Tk 17 . 40 crore in 1996-97.

10.The amount represents 3.4 percent of the average household's after-tax income.

government income due to taxation
Synonyms: taxation, tax revenue, revenue,

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