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term of years sentence in Hindi

"term of years" meaning in Hinditerm of years in a sentence
  • In terms of years, she's really a neophyte.
  • "We've gotten the terms of years defined.
  • They are thinking in terms of years, not weeks.
  • However, time periods can also be viewed in terms of years.
  • The difference was really just the term of years.
  • Nutritionists and dietary specialists measure the success of diets in terms of years.
  • Boras said . ` We've gotten the terms of years defined.
  • It applied only to estates of inheritance and not to terms of years.
  • "I don't have a definite number in terms of years.
  • "They're talking in terms of years, " says Spirtas.
  • France sought a five-year reprieve, Britain also spoke in terms of years.
  • The perpetuities period under the common law rule is not a fixed term of years.
  • In terms of years of life lost to cancer, melanoma ranks second only to adult leukemia.
  • "It's very unusual to be measuring a survival advantage in terms of years.
  • The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth in terms of year-round average temperatures.
  • The lease for a term of years was negotiated by Gaines, Van Nostrand & Morrison, Inc.
  • "The church doesn't think in terms of years or decades, but of centuries,"
  • The House of Lords has the power to fine as well as to order imprisonment for a term of years.
  • Inuit culture is an example in which birthdays are not celebrated because maturity is not signified in terms of years.
  • Buchanan called for federal judges to be appointed to a " term of years rather than for life ."
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