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termes sentence in Hindi

"termes" meaning in Hinditermes in a sentence
  • There are indications the family were Termes who taught her Italian.
  • Si la p�riode a deux termes, ces termes sont des nombres amiables.
  • Si la p�riode a deux termes, ces termes sont des nombres amiables.
  • D'Ess?spoke at the Paul de la Barthe, sieur de Termes.
  • Beno�t de Termes became its spiritual leader.
  • Afterwards Termes paid tribute ( stipendiaria civitas ), beginning a slow process of Romanisation.
  • Returning to France, in 1199 he negotiated the marriage of Theobald III of Champagne to Termes.
  • This force entered Termes at 11am and engaged French troops still moving along the road towards Rossignol.
  • The treaty was overruled by the Roman Senate, though continued hostilities did not directly affect Termes.
  • Not to mention the least, Termes, Peyrepertuse and Puylaurens and many more castles and fortified cities.
  • They also practice traditional arts termes witchcraft . This movement originally arose as part of an anti-colonial resistance.
  • Turning north, with a brief descent, the race continued climbing into the Category 3 Col des Trois Termes to.
  • Chales de Beaulieu ordered the 63rd Infantry Regiment and a battery of artillery to move around the French left flank to Termes.
  • The castle belonged to the Armagnac-Termes family until the French Revolution, when it was declared a national asset and sold.
  • The Mayor of Lyon Jean-Fran�ois Termes acquired the artwork in 1843 for the sum of 2000 francs ( 1990 USD ).
  • La d�cision agace le gouvernement qui accuse SFR de ne pas tenir ses engagements en termes d'emploi et d'investissement.
  • In 1241, Olivier de Termes submitted to Louis IX, and thus recovered a portion of his lands and castles, including Durfort.
  • La p�riode peut avoir plus de deux termes, qu'on pourrait appeler, pour garder la m�me terminologie, des nombres sociables.
  • Suffering losses from artillery and machine gun fire from Termes and in their rear from Ansart they were eventually forced to retreat to Jamoigne.
  • Unable to reach the gunners due to marshland, impenetrable fences and heavy defensive fire they moved south across the Breuvanne bridge and west towards Termes.
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